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The References

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Lorenzo Bonoldi is one of our company’s finest local guides in Italy. His pre-tour preparations (maps, pictures, and mini-histories) are unique and impressive, and our travelers love his great combination of broad knowledge and accessible presentation. When we take our clients who have toured with Lorenzo to other countries, they often ask: “Find us a French/English/German Lorenzo Bonoldi!”

Jordan Cook
Program Manager – International Seminar Design, Inc.

A guided tour with Lorenzo Bonoldi is a sublime experience. He is highly knowledgeable about Italian art, architecture, and history, and has great passion for his work. He has guided me around Italy’s historic sights and helped immeasurably with my research. He is also charming, engaging, and flexible. Lorenzo is truly a gentleman and a scholar, and he will enhance the Italian experience for both the casual tourist and the serious scholar alike.

Karen Essex
Author of the international bestseller “Leonardo’s Swans“.

Not only has his expertise of art, history and culture proved to be superior; but his manner of professionalism and utmost respect for my groups has proved Mr. Bonoldi as our company’s preferred guide in Italy. On several occasions my clients have specifically requested Mr. Bonoldi as their group’s guide after having experienced one of his tours. When booking a tour with Mr. Bonoldi, I can consistently count on Mr. Bonoldi’s proficiency and organization to cultivate an atmosphere of positive interaction amongst my groups. If I could travel to every European city with Mr. Lorenzo Bonoldi as my guide, I most certainly would.

Elizabeth Deans
Program Manager – International Seminar Design, Inc.

We had the most fantastic time in reaching out to meet the Cultural Authorities to Save the Ducal Palace of Mantova, weakened after the earthquake. Lorenzo Bonoldi was our cultural diplomat.
Lorenzo, you were well prepared, well informed and I knew you were only a phone call away. The meetings were engaging and forward, the hotel warm and welcoming. You are an excellent guide. In addition to the visits to the Ducal Palace, you gave us lively and informative commentaries during our journeys in and around Mantova. We appreciated your great knowledge of Mantova and your command of Italian & English languages. We liked your very interesting, well-timed commentaries on the places we were visiting, your good provision for each stage of our daily trips, your real competence and good manner (and good jokes).
We praise you for all the arrangements and the meticulous detail and communications you provided for arranging a most exceptional tour to the “Arts and Palaces of Mantova”, which helped to make everything go so smoothly and such a success. I choose the word “exceptional” with care since it cannot often happen that you could visit a closed Ducal Palace for a noble cause of saving the frescoes of Andrea Mantegna!
Thank you Lorenzo for fielding the passion to draw the international attention on the cultural devastations of the earthquake in Emilia Romagna! Your programme was just right being a balance of culture, history, leisure and sightseeing completed by our visit to Palazzo Te. What can I say! Just faultless!

Alessandro Berga
Editor – Mode Diplomatique.