A Renaissance of Thrones

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Quite often, during my guided tours in Mantua, I describe the Italian Renaissance as a real "Game of Thrones": powerful families, ruling different lands, quite often fighting each other. The Houses Stark, Targaryen, Lannister, Baratheon, Tyrell and so on, are not so different from the Gonzaga, Este, Sforza, Medici, Borgia and many of the other Renaissance dynasties.

SAVE THE DATE 10th Dec 2017 From Bethlehem to the North Pole, passing by Volta Mantovana

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On Dec 10th Lorenzo Bonoldi - your guide in Mantua - will give a lecture about the myths and the stories of Christmas. The event will be held in the Gonzaga Palace of Volta Mantovana, a mid-fifteenth century castle built by the Lords of Mantua as their country residence. After the lecture, a buffet [...]