February Promotion – “Be my Valentine in Mantua”

February Promotion – “Be my Valentine in Mantua”

Mantua is a city of Love… the most famous room of the Ducal Palace is known as the Bridal Chamber. In Palazzo Te you can find the Room of Cupid and Psyche. A couple of skeletons, embracing for as long as 6000 years, is to be found in the local Archeological Museum and a Roman Mosaic, showing Mars and Venus, has been recently discovered under the main square of the town. And, on the top of that, the famous motto “Amor Omnia Vincit” (“Love conquers all”) is a quotation from Virgil, the most famous Latin poet, born in Mantua in 70 B.C.

For all these reasons Mantua is the perfect destination for a romantic city-break. So, why don’t you take there your sweetheart?

Celebrating Saint Valentine’s Month, VISITMANTUA is going to offer a 50% discount to every happy couple visiting Mantua in February 2018.

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